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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


there is no escaping the rolemadness Marl


Matrix requires much less attention to run that something like this or FOL :thinking:


And that’s the thanks I get.



Matrix6 is… ehhh?

I’d honestly prefer for you to run Matrix12 or D6 tbh


How can someone fakeclaim roles that don’t exist?


Was gonna occ pug


But decided not to for some reason i dont know


a special technique called lying


At least worth shot trying, but I hate when activity drops and make it forgot what we’re doing in the first place.


Seriously tho, mafia didn’t use ove rhalf of theirs abilities.

Techwolves at the moment of death could dayvig 2 people.

HTM didn’t use a single kill-related ability. And if he did, mafia kills would go through (They hit immunes instead)

Sam didn’t use a tailor. It’s actualy freaking easy to get a towncred as tailor.
You just kill someone and make theirs role “You know that XYZ is confirmed town at the start of the game. You have a night chat with them”.
Bam, everyone would consider you as town and noone usualy consider tailoring.

And Memesky didn’t live long enough to poison enyone.

That was literal disaster for mafia.


Moleland in other hand…

He had it right there.


He exposed Hippolytus, but anyone just went dead inside.


Mafia could easily have made like 4 kills more and get into a clear position using tailor to fake masonry or something like that.


Whats amusing is
Mole has a neutral check on Pug from an event item
So Mole would never have hung hippo there


Hippo was MVP this game btw


Hero shot two mafia, and nearly managed to instantly win if they’d just doublevoted Pug
what a badass NK


So basically:
I’m Icibalus. My ability is to make a game so horrible everyone is occupied. That would be a mafia fakeclaim, right?


I knew something went amiss with him when he go ordering people to ITA and he have evidence stacked against him.

No not really, Town is incompetent to deal with it.

salt not salt


Or “I’m Nerbins. I can hide under my box, making me immune to death tonight.” Also fakeclaim. Am I correct?