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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


i got excited, okay?

I’ll be a less active co-host in FOL14 :thinking:


But…but Morl.


Actualy it’s pretty handy that you are mod for hosting, lel.

You can unlock chats and lock them, wich makes it easier.


why dont i has role :-:


what role


there no nerbins role wah


Yay…why am I not getting reward?
I tried so hard to lead.


we left it open for fake claims for mafia
there wasn’t a sam role either


hecc, we didnt even have a cheesy award


become a greater meme in one years time
we beleive in you


You tried and got immediately shot by Noz
Not really award worthy :thinking:


I was close in game solving.


i will have role named after me in footure
i will meme


Frost gets an award for never claiming ')


Muther fuuuu

You didn’t pay attention, I claim with your name on it!



“Livicus”, “Nerbins” and “Rogue” <-- Mafia fakeclaims

“Sam17z”, “Boss110” and “Simon” <-- Neutral killer fakeclaims

“CheesyKnives” and “Igneel” <-- Neutral evil fakeclaims


Btw as soon as another FM ends I’m hosting a competitive setup to clean my hands of this role madness lol


it was surprisingly close and balanced honestly


i thought the garon picture would remind you but oh well