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[FM] FoL Community Forum Mafia - Pug Victory! Who the hell let the dogs out?


FoL Community Forum Mafia

Hosted by Marl and @eevee!

What’s different?

All roles are custom made by myself and Eevee, and each card is based around one of the many users on this forum! You might even get lucky and roll yourself! The general power level of this is higher than ToL, so don’t be afraid if you see a couple of busted classes.

In addition to this, occasionally myself or Eevee will host a special event.

Keep in mind, this isn’t meant to be a competetive setup - It’s more of meant to be high-powered role madness.

There will be the standard 3 factions - Town, Mafia and Neutrals. No neutrals will have the fool/jester win condition.


Standard Forum Rules Apply
Days are 48 Hours, Nights are 24 Hours.
Don’t angleshoot ( :eyes: @Margaret )
Don’t be a salty boi until the game is over, afterwards we can unleash all our salt.
Don’t post in big text

Example Rolecard :credit_card:


Town Support
Scum Slip (Passive) - All checks against you bring back Mafia Killing results.
Rainbow Lion (Night) - Dash across the sky, protecting all town members from death tonight. - 2 uses.
Your goal is to see the mafia and any threats to the community eliminated.

Note, sadly the HTM card will not be in play. It’s just an example!

Rolelist :scroll:

… Dammit, Firekitten ran off with my role list! Looks like we’ll have to go without it!

Player List :tangerine:

  1. Firekitten - Icibalus - Died of Poison D3
  2. PoisonedSquid - Alfa - ITA’d D1
  3. Insanity - Soulshard - Shot D3
  4. Techwolves - eevee - Died during an Event D2
  5. Memesky - PoisonedSquid - Executed D1
  6. Parfait - OrangeAndBlack5 - Died of Poison D3
  7. CaptainNerbins - Damafaud - Shot D3
  8. Celeste_Ludenberg - Moleland - Died N1
  9. Sam17z - Parfait - Shot D3
  10. NuclearBurrito - Boopydoop - Shot D1
  11. Simon - Insanity - Killed N2
  12. Shurian - NozBugz - ITA’d D1 - Revived!
  13. Frostwolf103 - Hippolytus - ITA’d D3
  14. PokemonKidRyan - Wolfy - Lynched D4
  15. Pug
  16. Moleland
  17. Ashe - PugAshe - Lynched D3
  18. Hippolytus
  19. Livicus - Shurian - Hung D2
  20. NozBugz - Marluxion - Lynched D5
  21. MaximusPrime - Firekitten - ITA’d D3
  22. Icibalus - Frostwolf103 - ITA’d D1
  23. Whammerist - Ashe - ITA’d D1
  24. HTM - Methnor - Dayviged D2
  25. Damafaud - Whammerist - Shot D3

Spectators: Twil1ght,

Links :chains:

Game Start
Start of First ITA Phase
End of D1
End of D2
End of D3
End of D4
End of D5

(Council Of Idiots)
Interesting FM or FoL that are worth to look in
unlisted #2

closed #3

opened #4

listed #5






Signups are now open! To join, simply type **/join**

The game will not begin for a little while, i’ll announce just before we begin.


Dammit, I’m second


I like this


Kek, I joined second but I still show up first on the list :wink:



@Marluxion move me to third


thanks, i fixed it







I think I know what my role card will be.

It will be a freaking NK.


So there are no post restrictions?

I just see someone start suddenly posting a lot more than usual


returns the rolelist fire stole


eats it