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[FM] F11! | Day 4 (3/9) | GAME END - eevee and an_gorta_pratai win!



Accused Votes Count
DatBird MaximusPrime 1/5
an_gorta_pratai Meteoro 1/5
Eevee H_Hjasik 1/5


I think dat is town


/vote @eevee


If these players do not post by 2019-02-09T01:00:00Z, they will be forcibly replaced:

@WazzaAzza @spoi


I need to go to bed, but I am glad it semi picked up. I should be active online a bit later today, hopefully I can make some reads by then and vote.


I’ve legit just replaced in my friend lol.


Oh right, this game exists.

an_gorta_pratai is my red check.

/vote an_gorta_pratai


Thats impossible


You cant be cop


Another cop with redcheck on an gorta? :thinking:
He’s evil


/vote an_gorta_pratai


Meteoro. Plz. Don’t confuse people. I’m outed anyway.

I request a doc on me tonight.

I would be prime kill target anyway I guess.




Accused Votes Count
an_gorta_pratai Meteoro, Eevee, MaximusPrime 3/5
Eevee H_Hjasik 1/5

@an_gorta_pratai is at L-2


I can’t believe this, I come back to see that almost everyone has their vote on me.


I hardclaim townie.


woops forgot this game existed i was too busy playing minecraft lol


So much activity


/vote Eevee


Voting a cop claim?


wait never mind. I need to check the backlog