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[FM] F11! | Day 4 (3/9) | GAME END - eevee and an_gorta_pratai win!


I’ve noticed that plurality causes inactivity here


Why not /in


Plurality causes inactivity when it’s ONLY plurality.


It does in both cases since when its majority only it forces people to be active so there will be a lynch while in plurality + majority it isn’t the case
You can see that in watch mouth


I like how MU generally does it

Days 1 and 2 are plurality

Days 3 and onn add majority

In LyLo, once you vote, you cannot change your vote.



G! Turbo - Gamer Over - Modkill Galore (The Psychopathic King and The Foreign Security Agent win!)

hey I can back in if needed, sorry about joining and leaving. I was unsure how crazy this weekend would be but it turned out fine




@Mercenary @Solic @Icibalus @Alice @astand @Frostwolf103


Y’all should join this tbh


Your choice.


I can’t take more on my plate atm, apologies.












@Icibalus @MathBlade @Meteoro

you want in?


In,just don’t expect many activity


Rolling currently. Game will start at 2019-02-08T00:30:00Z