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[FM] F11! | Day 4 (3/9) | GAME END - eevee and an_gorta_pratai win!


Fuck it


I feel sorry for you, so I’ll join. Slank cover since im already in 4 games.


Cop9 is only balanced IF the Cop has an N0


I need more experience in this department.

pls john


You don’t need experience hosting it’s really basic.


More focused on the balance department kind of experience


This isn’t how you balance setups run rolemadness.


Not what I meant


Then you don’t know the definition of the words you just typed cause this isn’t how you balance setups as this is incredibly easy to balance


Wait are you really still at 2/9 wtf





I felt sorry for him


This is like the best setup currently open for signups tbh


5 games going strong (provided this actually starts)


I might need to can this considering the extreme amount of games going on

Keyword here is ‘might’


Then join


Unbalanced setup


idk that I really agree with that


Hjasik join and i will be happy


Two are slightly scumsided

Two are slightly townsided


It will be even more townsided