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[FM] F11! | Day 4 (3/9) | GAME END - eevee and an_gorta_pratai win!


what’s the point in mafia roleblocker if there is 7 townies


Look at the list directly above it


what this?


Basically Roleblocker is in both so Mafia can’t quite know the setup.

In the no Town!PR one the mafia would end up unnecessarily rolefishing some of the time




You aren’t going to join?


You heard me say how screwed I’ve been irl in the VCFM thread, right?

I don’t even have enough time at the moment to participate as much as I’d like in that.



Didn’t remember. My bad.


I’ve never played forum matches before and do you do /vote @person or what



/vote [insert playername]

Doesn’t have to be a ping, but can be.


It should be **/vote [Playername]**

Pinging them is fine, but don’t spam ping.


but it makes ppl think that there might be a cop/doc if there isn’t

G! Turbo - Gamer Over - Modkill Galore (The Psychopathic King and The Foreign Security Agent win!)

Holy flashbacks that username


nervous bump


Delet this


The setup is fine and has been proven to not be ridiculously townsided


Balances setup

Townsided setup

More townsided setup

Mafia dies




7v2 Mountainous is a somewhat scumsided setup, so they are debuffed by the WIFOM of the Cop/Doc game. This WIFOM makes the game balanced as it gives town another way to catch them by rolefishing.

Doc9 is proven to be balanced as long as the doctor cannot heal themselves.

Cop9 is also proven to be balanced-slightly!townsided as long as the cop does not have a n0 peek.

The last setup prevents FtC from working


I can turn this into Matrix6 but that would require booting it back to later on