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[FM] F11! | Day 4 (3/9) | GAME END - eevee and an_gorta_pratai win!


Yeh I can access it now, thanks.


So how evil are you?


Not at all.


Oh and to answer this question. It’s none.


I didn’t mean to accuse you without basis. I apologize


when did i ever doubleguess?

and if hjasik was killed due to maf thinking they were the real cop then my tinfoil about it bding spoi/maxwell is wrong…



You could double guess cause you knew my meta.

Tinfoil theory about spoi/maxwell has nothing to do with it.

I miss a point.


i know your meta well enough to realize that you were legit cop

anyone could tell from your tone

that was pretty fuckin obvious


@Geyde VC?



Accused Votes Count
Meteoro Wazza 1/5
Spoi MaximusPrime, Meteoro 2/5


Can we decide on a lynch pls?
Does it get randomised if tied?


If there are equal votes between players at EoD it is randomized


/vote spoi
Don’t mind me,just breaking the tie


woops i forgot lol, im just normal guy with no abilities so lynch me if you want lol


I mean,we have like,2 hours to change lynch target,just find a better target


/vote Meteoro



Accused Votes Count
Meteoro MaximusPrime, Wazza 2/5
Spoi Meteoro 1/5


Screw you for that profile picture

I had hope, you monster


What if Geyde has been Memesky the entire time?


Don’t post if you aren’t in game.