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[FM] F11! | Day 4 (3/9) | GAME END - eevee and an_gorta_pratai win!


@eevee can you come kn and let us know ur check
@spoi what dod you do last night to help town
@Maxwell same question as spoi


Why so curious? Sounds to me it’s possible you’re scum trying to find who other standard townies are so you know who to not prioritize killing. 4 PC’s left alive are standard townies with no abilities.
You didn’t vote for gorta


Why do You think eevee is the cop?


Why do you assume we have both doc and cop?


/replace out

Leaving the forums for a while, maybe forever. Idk.


He hard claimed it if it was an FPS we will have to wait and see


More people claimed cop…


Curious? Im just trying to play the game and ask people questions because without that the game is as stagnated as day 1 is. I also had you in my townblock since u voted the scum out, so I was trying to get u active in this game. And yeah i didnt vote yesterday because it was stagnant and nothing happened. Suddenly Met said Gorta was scum and then a d0 check (which isnt real) was said that Gorta was scum and people went with it, luckily it was. Also if you think im scum why not vote me


I mean results and setup are easy to predict, looking at last night results.


Yeah and im wonderkng if we have any redchecks because it will gamesolve this


You sure you didn’t mean me, not Meteoro?


Met said he was scum then u did the d0 check


N0 check, not D0*




Stop discussing who is cop,they can out if needed


I mean N0 red check is literal gamesolve.

And gorta is a new player, so won’t be nightkilled, so was likely to live very long anyway.
So a good check if he would be town.


But was there a n0


You may check a player before d1 start

From cop card


Oh nice, how many times have i reread that and havent seen that


/replace back in I’m done with my tantrum