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[FM] F11! | Day 4 (3/9) | GAME END - eevee and an_gorta_pratai win!


/vote an_gorta_pratai
We need a d1 lynch


Wait if cop is outed does that just make them useless now due to roleblocker



Accused Votes Count
an_gorta_pratai Meteoro, Eevee, MaximusPrime, Maxwell 4/5
Eevee H_Hjasik 1/5

Pratai is at L-1


Day ends in 15 minutes






@an_gorta_pratai was lynched due to plurality. They had the most votes.

They were the Mafia Goon

Night has begun and will end in 24 hours


(Highkey I’m super disappointed in how few posts were made today.)


H_Hjasik was found dead in their home last night. They were the Townie.

Day 2 has begun and will end in 48 hours or if majority is reached. Majority is 4.


@eevee @spoi @WazzaAzza @DatBird @Maxwell @Meteoro @MaximusPrime

are the alive players


Ok so lets look at the VC from yesterday

So we had four people on the mafia train. Realistically I dont see any mafia hopping on the wagon of their scum mate when it was this slow yesterday. So for now I see them as current townblock. The Hjasik kill seems weird though, why kill him. Imma reread Hjasik from yesterday see if he pushed anyone but Eevee. If we are to beleive them eevee is cop so hopefully we hear from them


I guess this what got him killed or saying eevee was scum. Overall Hjasik said Eevee was scum and no way eevee is cop, said it was a bastard game, and said that he thought I was town


/vote wazza
Why not sheep d1 on the mafia


this hjasik kill: either a newbie or they were inactive so they didn’t submit a kill in time

spoi and maxwell are my top susps

/vote spoi

can’t vote a fellow max yet, even if they are fake


excooz me, I am very alive.


I’m a co-host not a player.


well I got demoted to co-co-co-host


Nah. I’m being serious now though.

/vote Meteoro


Why didn’t you vote the mafia?


Because I forgot I replaced in for Pug?