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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


Actually they tried


:^) And nobody followed me on it


I was overtaken by madness. :confused: I at least found Maxwell on scumreading. :roll_eyes: And consequently Mercenary.


Didn’t find me


Got PoE’d :^)


Actually in one of my binary messages I said to shoot you Hja.


Wich confirms you’re noob


I look at the massive post count from d1/d2.


Setup is balanced tbh

Spectators arent, and shouldnt have been a thing in the first place.


But it’s not. The Divine Rapier twist is impossible and if town would play perfectly, it is a 50/50 RNG win at final 3. That’s awful design.


The only kinda unbalanced thing of the setup was Divine Rapier (But because its bastard, ill let it slide)


Unless they actually suicide Yeah, great solution.


You don’t get it

You weren’t suppose to win


End mechanics, yea a little bit

But, Its a bastard game.


I wanted that game to end asap



Okay, wait no.

No no no.


Then stop saying it’s balanced, when it’s not. :smile:


I meant town/scum suppose to win


Oh, okay

just needed clarification there


The setup is still balanced even with divine rapier, everyone had some part of a role that actually could help them