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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


It didn’t matter at all to scum who spectators were or not, since they just needed to kill/lynch XBlade numbers that were not their own (which they knew for no reason at all).


The setup is still balanced. The roles are just unbalanced depending on who get the roles


No, it wasn’t balanced.


Yes it did, spectators were uninformed

I think


Yeah it was


Scum were informed though! Mislynching a spectator can happen, but they would never kill one at night by just killing XBlade numbers.


y’all could also kill spectators


No, it wasn’t.


Spectators weren’t though! Meaning a spectator could mislynch them!


Technically it was


Except their votes don’t count and they are way more inclined to just randomly troll as happened. :roll_eyes:


Oh so you would rather their votes count?


No, it literally wasn’t.


I stand by the fact that town played awfu


actually mafia played worse


I stand by the fact that the setup was awful.


they missed 4 kills


That’s ur opinion :man_shrugging:


/vote Mathblade

Is the game over?