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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


Yea, this game might have been fun for spectators/scum/hosts, but it was truly an awful experience to be town here. Literally so trash that it was the first ever thread I had muted in my time here (when I died).

I’ll give Eevee an 8/10 for creativity, but implementation or the spectators in question made gameplay a -5/10.


You know something is wrong when you need a survivor to suicide in order for the uninformed majority to have a chance to win the game. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But that is what happened… :roll_eyes: So you can stop calling it balanced.


I wasn’t lurking.

I wasn’t PART of the game until I asked eevee for a card midway through.


Max decided it was brilliant to end the day early while I was sleeping. I would have gone full on after Mercenary after realizing she was a player over night there.


The moment where your posts start I would still say it was lurking. /shrug


Certainly not to the extent as you make it out to be, I’ve been a lot worse in other games, plus I got my card at the start of that night.


Pkr was best tho


I think the PKR lynch defined most spectators’ goals from thereon out.

At least I asked for a card.


I knew my take on this weapon while I was alive was correct lmao but no one believed me.


Some spectators were pure terrible and wemt out of hand (Wazza).

I had to stop them from spamming the thread like that.
Then I died and binary spam started instead.

And hey, there was a methode to discard divine rapier.
Noone just thought of it.



What was it then?


I was so paranoid you would pop up I got glad you died


I was actively lurking
Then Geyde started to accuse the entire scumteam.
Had to do something.


Stop complaining, the win condition only applied as long as they were alive. If they died they resulted to their former win cin


Setup is still balanced


No, it’s not. Imagine 10 more PKR’s.


Stabbing yourself


Setup is balanced
Spectators aren’t


Spectators are included in the setup. If you say it is balanced at first and then include an one-sided gamebreaking gimmick, it is imbalanced. :roll_eyes: