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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


The binary code translation was hillarous you have to admit


More hilarious was the fact that I could just talk normally


Bluestorm was modkilled!

All neutrals were modkilled!

All neutrals have now lost the game


shrugs in only neutral


What would have happened if we lynched fk?


No more chaos. Everything would be boring. It would become mountainous.


Well I was planning to play along and eventually soak up a mislynch but also be somewhat helpful albeit also somewhat insane before somebody decided to declare me scum for accusing people which is literally how mafia is played and soft-defending somebody when the defense was definitely not soft and got me dayvigged before I had the time to even respond. :UUUU


you have to admit, my read on bluestorm was :ok_hand::weary: tho


wait, really?
so, the spectators would leave, but we’d also lose our abilities?


No Eevee would do that totally though

It wasn’t planned




Please add me to scum/spectator/dead chat before I decide how awful I’d rate this game.

Also clarify the Divine Rapier mechanic please.


Person Who gets divine rapier can kill at night And have their wincon changed to eliminate everyone else

Whoever kills Person with divine rapier or hammers in lynch( last vote if plurality) picks it up And gets wincon to eliminate everyone else

Whenever someone with divine rapier dies it announces divine rapier has been dropped


That is fucking awful and very disappointing if that’s true.


I mean they already said it Thats Why only simon was supposed to win


But he did something And nobody won


Eevee, I’m very dissapointed in what you consider fun.


There is no scum this is just last standing wins


Which actively makes roles suited for survival stronger and have a better chance of winning.



Very dissapointed in your lurking.


At least props to the scumteam, for not actively lurking whereas this setup perfectly lends itself for it.