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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


Not referring to you


There were more than 7 people spectating and playing


fk says the first holder did


Maxwell killed Gamer as well which is the funny part


… are you kidding or for real


For real


I want to suicide

Uhh /ita Xblade 10

Because thats obviously ok


Firekitten allowed to dead post in binary after google translating post 3 times.

Are you questioning MY sanity?


Let’s be realistic.

Firekitten shouldn’t host bastard games, he just goes fully mad.


Cheers for granting my request by the way

Even if I did die the day after somehow

(got my revenge tho)


I went mad with power


Also you are right, should have made people translate it to 5 different languages my bad everyone


Thats what makes them fun


Oh yeah FK

What pierced my one-time immunity?




Only bastard mechanics were spectators and divine rapier.
Rest was meant to resolve normaly.

Firekitten made it weird at the end, but I think it was needed, after mafia wasted opprtuinites to do… 4 kills.
Yeah, mafia could kill 4 more people if they wanted and game would end 2 days quicker.

But we got it to day 9 instead…


And by wasting opportunities I mean not using theirs actions at all.



You were terrible for wasting 4 kills. Like wtf.



So how many townies did mafia actually kill?


1-4 probably