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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


They could have stabbed themself resulting in a town win




also this is solics card




This game was better neutral showdown still


It’s just mafia played terribly

The mafia was maxwell hjaisk and Merc

How tf did you not find them D1


It’s not a fair comparison


One was closed and the other wasn’t


This game could have been seen much better if it was at its full potential


BS everyone was a NK


oh wait

I meant the neutral showdown before


Bastard anniversary that one


Bastard Anniversary?


That one was purely trying to confuse people.

It don’t think it was balanced in the slightest.


this game is still pure gold and you know it


My perception of the game is tainted by all the bullshit.


Honestly I blame the players playing badly not the setup. For exampe, lynching eevee instead of the mafia wasn’t the greatest move.


The setup allowed for bastard spectators


Lynching someone instead of your red check also wasn’t the


They shouldn’t have been able to claim red checks, they should have been here to just troll tbh