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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


How did rapier drops work then?


As soon as Eevee died it depended on RNG


And before that point?


whoever killed the rapier holder got it


Person who killed them or was the hammer on their lynch got the rapier.

I got priority when Maxwell died due to my card.



That’s reasonable.


What was your classcard


The game was balanced until Eevee died


Glad you asked.


(Neutral Killing)

Cloak and Dagger (passive) - If you visit a dying person or are on a lynched person wagon, you will have priority on picking divine rapier.
Till that happens you are invisible on playerlist and do not count towards mayority.
You will survive first attempt at your life.

Divine Rapier -You possess Divine Rapier (Item). If you die by any means, you will drop the rapier and your killer will aquire it.
As long as you have rapier, your wincon changes to “Eliminate everyone else”, you might also decide to kill
a player each night alongside your other actions.

Smoke Screen -Swap two people’s places at night, redirecting all visitors of one target to the other and vice versa


This bit was just to try to explain away me not being a player until N3.


Personally it’s ur fault for lynching eevee


Well discobot basically approved thay one person shooting everybody, so i feel like this is the end. We made it


What would happen if the last member of a faction died holding the rapier while the other was still alive


This game was better then neutral showdown


It was a critical hit as well


Nat 100 basically (although 1)


The person who killed them would get it and game continues

The only way that this doesn’t happen is if the person with a divine stabs themself, allowing everyone on their faction to win including them



Was it though?

Neut Showdown was good and only broken by the fact that the two classes that could break the game were given to the two people that made communications the earliest.


So Simon could have stabbed insanity resulting in a town win


It was until Eevee died