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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


:game_die: 43


Firekitten send me infinite amount of rolecards now




Town Investigative
”I’m duty bound to defend the deep ones.”

Corrosive Haze - Investigate a target determining if they are a member of the mafia or not.

Goal: Defeat all threats to the town.



Town Investigative

“You only miss the water when the well runs dry.”

Adaptive Strike - Target a player. If they use a non-killing ability during this cycle, you may use that same action once tomorrow.

Goal: Defeat all threats to the town


debates breaking out an alt from sfol 19 to shoot fk again



Town Support

“What’re you buying?”

What hero really needs? - Chose a player and item wich exists in Dota 2 game. They will gain this item with abilities built around it.
There can only be one of each item in game at the same time. This ability fails when you try to sell an item wich already exists in the FM.

Goal: Defeat all threats to the town


/ITA Datbird need to go to triple hell
@discobot roll 1d100


:game_die: 26


Oh wait everyone was ressed
@eevee please modkill fk so we can officially end this


Also How tf is eevee the Sane one


/ITA Datbird
@discobot roll 1d100


@discobot roll 1d100


:game_die: 17


So close



@discobot roll 1d100


Also the ITA shots were really freaking accurate


:game_die: 14


Die cat


I love How max tries to kill marg through RNG And it rolls 99


Getting revenge on Maxi was my favourite part, mainly because there is still hope yet for me to take that RNG crown