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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


Be careful with how you use your mod powers. But I’m leaving now because now I’m in a bad mood. Bye.


Solic stop the bulli


implications of Rape is a deserved flag

espically with a minor


That’s your fault of being dirty minded. Not my fault.


Also, I don’t stalk Solic and FKs ages. I’m innocent.




u do know FK is 15 right?


Next person to imply NSWF stuff or talk about that stuff gets modblocked, tired of people doing that


Feel free to appeal to the FoL team. Stop with this discussion now please.

Feel free to do other spectator things as that is allowed by the host.


Why are you people like this


Wazza, stop using capital text or you are kicked.

It’s getting iritating.


Vote Solic


Like I said. I don’t stalk ages lmao.


I am very disappointed




You made the passive, not me.


this has gotten so off track



While I was gone I missed some nsfw stuff on this forum


Bastard game bad


My day is now ruined