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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


I really want you to be 9


there has been a ton of moderrors, havent there


Vote Count

Xblade 5-Geyde -1/6
Xblade 9-Solic Blizer Maxwell Datbird Meteor-5/6
Solic-Mercenary Wazza Blue-3/6


Wazza is a fake vote, so we need 1 more probably.


Oh right he voted someone else.


wazza is voting u lul




implication is there


I’m more of a dog person after this piece of art


Flag it, so I can delete it with justification.


Solic, this message has made you my favorite moderator.


also, big age gap

and is illegal


Solic, this message has made you my least favorite moderator.


flagged it


Eevee didn’t mean his fluids, though.


Merc, do u want to be flagged aswell


Solic, you know I can be modkilled now right.


points gun at solic









your on the oppsite sides of the world and equator


Just saying.

I’ve now recieved a ban warning.