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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


I feel like townies take an unequal brunt of annoyance from the spectator’s “fun” gimmick.

This could be a post game comment, but I just feel it in this moment.


Then vote XBlade 9 and go back to doing nothing.


Solic is scum vote them.


I was told to post this in my classcard idk why.


Wazza go poof please.


/vote Solic



I legit can’t. I am actually a player this game.


Spectators must think they are so freaking



This is actually me being serious for once.


Vote Count

Xblade 5-Geyde -1/6
Xblade 9-Solic Blizer Maxwell Datbird -4/6
Solic-Mercenary Wazza Blue-3/6


If you’re going to vote me out, who will be left for you to annoy? :thinking:


/vote Xblade 1
/vote Xblade 3
/vote Xblade 4
/vote Xblade 5
/vote Xblade 6
/vote Xblade 7
/vote Xblade 8
/vote Xblade 10
/vote Xblade 11
/vote Xblade 12
/vote Xblade 13
/vote Xblade 14




But I can vote as many people as I want… that’s legit one of my passives.


go to bed you are drunk


no im aaron


haha i talk in big letters you dont lol


Anyway, as you can tell I can vote two players per day. So if i wanted to I can double hammer.


Spectators post game: Haha, that was fun.

Actual players: You were just an asshole for that and ruined it for all actual players.



Hi, come vote XBlade 9.