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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


No, that’d almost make me want to blacklist myself.


D.Va required to quote players, nob


i love how u said almost



Purposefully getting yourself modkilled will result in a blacklist, I think


/nerf this


I can only edge on the line of gamethrowing. NEVER OVER. :eyes:


Who would have thought that this game would almost drive people to blacklist themselves intentionally. :eyes:


Or maybe you aren’t a player and you wont be affected by it.


Btw I just had an idea
A game where flavor matters from ability
But flavor can be fucking anything
So basically GI.


Also, even if I wasn’t a player. I’m almost 99% sure it would still be illegal to use big letters.


I want to vote Pysch so bad, but i feel like hes not a player


You mean uPick?


The reason i pretended to be a neut invest yesterday was an attempt to make non players slip bjt it went wrong


Yea, that’s totally on-topic. :eyes:


…? No.

But… we don’t have anything?
(Short term memory, remember?)

Well, I guess that’s your problem then.
I already claimed non-player. All that’s left is the real players’ thoughts about each other.


But slept peacefully never goes with a heal. Yoj cant just get stabbed and sleep peacefully



Stop FPSing and vote XBlade 9.


So dont vote me then. Its better for town if I live


Kind of, but mod made the cards


Also mornin