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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


/vote solic


Vote Count

Xblade 5-Geyde -1/6
Xblade 9-Solic Blizer Maxwell Datbird-4/6
Solic-Mercenary Psy-2/6


Oh the spectators are revolting, because I find them annoying.

Boo fucking hoo. :cry:


Join us


Im actually town, all I did yesterday was a gambit gone wrong

is it bad that I don’t even know who the Xblades are


Yes, you will. Do it Zone. For everything I thought we had.


Yes but its just to 100% clear down the list of active players because until ur killed we have no clue if this is a FPS or not.


when your other host tells you nothing



Let RNG be our lord and saviour. RNG has recruited me into their cult.


You all should lose at this point.


Hi Wazza, vote XBlade 9.


Ok then what did you do last night?




Oh wait Wazza doesn’t exist. I remember.


/vote Xblade 9


I healed Max


Haha, nah I just have to talk in big letters. I have a 3 strike post restriction.


He is not even a player.


Maxi or Maxwell