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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


Yes, let’s get rid of XBlade 9’s tyranny. :eyes:


Also /vote xblade 9 rng god Solic save us


Wait ain’t I infringing some cosmical law when I comment bere?


Bird I feel that you’re feeling my vibe.


Hi Mercenary, I don’t care to backread if you exist here. Vote XBlade 9. :eyes:


Wow rude


That votkng for a number is more effective then a no lynch. Problem is im have to pick between to cop checks that in both town read, but since to me ur mechanically proven im going with urs


Are you implying that I went through all this effort just to troll people? I think you are overestimating me


Vote Count

Xblade 5-Geyde Zone-2/6
Xblade 9-Solic Blizer Maxwell Datbird-4/6


I can’t vote for sure rbh


Hey uh… I quit.
I claim to be a non-player.
This game’s taking too much if I want to focus on a forum RP game.
So… yeah. Good luck folks! Surely there were lots of true players in D1 and D2 wagons, so you should be able to find them easily.




Vote Count

Xblade 5-Geyde-1/6
Xblade 9-Solic Blizer Maxwell Datbird-4/6


I caught up with your ISO and you don’t. Bye Merc. :eyes:


Ask for a modkill then plz just so we know this isnt a Marg


Hey Zone, in case this is a lie. Go vote XBlade 9.


Eait so you can actually vote
/vote Solic
Begone fiend


This needs an update by the way.


Vote Count

Xblade 5-Geyde -1/6
Xblade 9-Solic Blizer Maxwell Datbird-4/6


…? Do I have to?
I mean, I could simply leave, you know?

Nope. I won’t influence anyone anymore.

…? What’s this about?