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[FM] Dota 2 - eevee's wild ride - Game End


You know this makes you even more scummy to me. :smile:

But why should I bother.



Vote XBlade 9. :eyes:


The dice has gamesolved.


We can’t lose.


Give me a sec reading the geyde ISO to see if i believe he is a cop


He’s just FPSing. His true check was a redcheck on XBlade 9.


Can confirm, I’m also a cop with a redcheck on XBlade 9.

It’s totally legit.


Solic are you lying again to push your agenda?


When was I lying to push my agenda?

I’ve succumbed to the bastardization of this game.


Ok i guess it came out wrong. Are you lying about being a cop. Just tell me honestly


Oh Bird. That much should be obvious.


Vote count bot activate!


i think he just wants the game to end

im in the same boat

so, RNG i praise thee


Let’s just say that the universe gave me a sign that XBlade 9 is evil.


Told you all PKR wasnt in the game… but did you listen?
Now lets get blizer out as I was promised
/vote blizer


Who promised you this ever…?

You’re not even a player, so shhh go away.


Double faking a lyncher when you don’t play is really just targeted harassment almost.

No respect for that.


I still love you and you’re best host though Psycho


Except for a recent game we don’t talk about


I said we would go for someone else lol. Never said Blizer