[FM] Danganronpa - Trigger Happy Havoc - Game Over

Welcome to Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc FM!

Hosted by @WazzaAzza and @Pug.

You are now trapped into a school. Where there are two bears, one is black and white, the other is green and white. Monokuma and Monodad.

Welcome to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc FM!



Days will be 72 hours long or shorter if someone is voted as the blackened.

Nights will be 24 hours long.

Actions are done in your classcard unless stated otherwise.

This game is a Closed Setup. There is no Town or Scum faction. Everyone is basically a Neutral. Everyone’s classname is posted in OP but other than that, it is entirely closed.

Priority on who becomes the “blackened”

  1. The player with priority who submits the murder first.
  2. All players with priority who submit.
  3. The player without priority who submits the murder first.
  4. All players who don’t have priority who submit.
  5. Any players who failed their kill. Redirected to a suitable target.
  6. All players who don’t submit to become the “blackened” but could have.

Who may not “blacken”

  • Anyone who cannot become the blackened.
  • Any occupied players.

If nobody wants to become the “blackened”

It will be randomised through everyone who can murder in the game. Priorities will be nullified here. The player who they murder is randomised unless they specify who they want to murder earlier in DMs.

So tip of advice. Select a kill target beforehand by using /target [x] and only use the /blacken or /kill command on the night you wish to murder.

You may still submit regular night actions along with your murder.

Hope vs Despair

Throughout the game, there is a public hope and despair meter.

Depending on the amount of Hope and Despair in the game, the more the meter is shifted towards one side the more rewards everyone gets.

This can play into some classes wincons and abilities, so it’s often good to shift the side.

There is also a hidden modifier on everyone. Hopeful or Despairful.

Half the game will have either.

If a Hopeful player gets caught as the blackened, add Despair. While if this blackened is Despairful, add Hope instead.

Perform vice versa if that player gets away.

Every second day, the players will be rewarded Monocoins while considering the Hope and Despair Meter.

MonoMono Vending Machine

Your Monocoins do not result to nothing, in fact. You can buy the ability to access specific rooms, which give you one time use items from there.

School Store - Select your weapon type for tonight. - 5 coins

Nurse’s Office - You are immune to two attack types of your choice tonight. - 8 coins, can only buy once.

Library - Gain back a use of a limited use ability. - 8 coins, can only use once per ability

Monodad’s Bedroom - Due to the smoke, if someone visits you tonight, they will be redirected into a random player. You will also be redirected to a random player, though. - 10 coins.


  1. Boss110 - Chihiro Fujisaki - Dead Night 5
  2. Gamerpoke - Hifumi Yamada - Escaped Day 2
  3. Priestess - Celestia Ludenberg
  4. Kai_5 - Junko Enoshima - Escaped Day 3
  5. Blizer - Leon Kuwata - Escaped Day 4
  6. PoisonedSquid - Yasuhiro Hagakure
  7. Isaac - Mondo Owada - Caught Day 5
  8. Hjasik - Sayaka Maizono
  9. Meteoro - Aoi Asahina - Died Night 3
  10. Twil1ight - Kiyotaka Ishimaru
  11. Shurian - Toko Fukawa - Dead Night 4
  12. htm - Kyoko Kirigiri - Dead Night 6
  13. Margaret - Mukuro Ikusaba - Dead Night 1, Revived Night 4
  14. fireslol - Makoto Naegi - Dead Night 2
  15. bazingaboy - Sakura Ogami - Escaped Day 1
  16. Insanity - Byakuya Togami - Dead Night 4
Hope Despair
0 10


  1. Datbird


  1. Geyde

Example Rolecard:



Ultimate Dad

Cigarette - Suffocation
Cigarettes (Passive) - You can’t be attacked at night as at every night you go buy cigarettes
Useless (Day) - Pretend to use a Day Ability.
Useless (Night) - Pretend to use a Night Ability.
Survive into the final 4, get away with being the blackened or buy cigarettes twenty times

Chapter 1 Events

Part 1 - The Hunt
Part 2 - Interesting Findings
Part 3 - Mukuro Ikusaba Monokuma File
Part 4 - Pockets
Part 5 - Logic Dive
Part 6 - Muscles
Part 7 - Discovery
Part 8 - He Swore On It
Part 9 - A Moral Execution


Monodad, my favorite danganronpa oc.


will he go out to get cigarettes?

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Yes, but he’s already got some on him for now.



Did you get this reviewed and approved to run? :thinking:

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Yeh, Geyde did.




So Neutral Showdown, but with more fun and chaos?


and danganronpa

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Well yes but actually yes.

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/lets start the killing game


No Nagito so 0/10 game

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First you had my curiosity, now you have my attention




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