[FM] Danganronpa FM (Sign-ups - 41/41) - Rolling Nov 22


  • If you haven’t posted in 36 hours, you will be prodded for inactivity via a ping. Not responding to a prod will cause you to be replaced.
  • Avoid discussing the game outside the thread while the game is still running.
  • Avoid using larger font sizes.
  • Avoid deleting/editing messages unless it’s a recent one or to correct grammar mistakes.
  • Avoid quoting the mod from your rolecard. This is a modkill-worthy offense.
  • Flavor-claiming is fine, but discouraged.


The day phase will last 48 hours and the night phase will last 24 hours.
Actions are done by messaging me.
The uninformed majority will be called the Forces of Hope.
The informed minority will be called the Forces of Despair.
Members of the Forces of Despair will talk through a special Discord server
Both alignments and roles will flip.
There will be six special mechanics in the game: Executions, Hope and Despair Lists, Hope and Despair Counters, Kill Types, Monocoins, and the Student Council.

  • Executions - Rather than a normal lynch, each day starting from the second one will have three different kinds of lynches with different conditions to be fulfilled. Due to this the uninformed majority will have less KP than in my average games.
  • Hope Lists/Despair Lists - PM me a list of each with players in it by the end of the night in your role-card, ranking which one player is higher/lower on each list. In short, this is effectively a read-list for you to PM me nightly as it has effects that can impact the game and many of them interact with how roles work. Hope Lists should be the players you townread, Despair Lists should be the players you scumread
  • The Hope Counter/The Despair Counter - Both of these counters begin at 0. Each member of the Forces of Hope that is executed will raise the Despair Counter by 2, and each member of the Forces of Despair that is executed will raise the Hope Counter by 4. Other actions may raise or lower these counters. These counters impact or even allow or disallow night and/or day action.
  • Monocoins - In each day you may buy items to help you from the School Shop. Every player begins with 50 Monocoins and will gain 30 more per night. Some actions also use or manipulate Monocoins, with more coins going towards players who show in in multiple Hope Lists.
  • Kill Types - There will be five different kind of kill types. Stab, Blunt, Shot, Bleed, and Asphyxiation. There will be different kinds of countering to each of these kill types.
  • The Student Council will have their elections begin in the first day of the match. Players who are elected to it are allowed to gain special powers pertaining to the gameplay.

Shop Items

Item Effect Price Limit per Day
Kirlian Photography During the night you have a 1-Shot Voyeur. 30 Monocoins None
Message in a Bottle In the day sends a message to another player via the host. 40 Monocoins None
Earnest Compass During the night you have a 1-Shot Track. 50 Monocoins None
Berserker Armor Prevents Stab kills on you for the coming night. 60 Monocoins None
Safety Half-Shoes Prevents Blunt kills on you for the coming night. 60 Monocoins None
Marine Snow Prevents Asphyxiation kills on you for the coming night. 60 Monocoins None
Bandage Wrap Heals any Bleed on you for today. 60 Monocoins None
Work Chair of Doom During the night you have a 1-Shot Roleblock. 90 Monocoins None
Rose in Vitro During the day you may increase the Hope Counter or the Despair Counter by 2. 120 Monocoins Four
Emperor’s Thong For the remainder of the game, you are immune to anti-claim mechanics. 150 Monocoins Two
Hagakure Crystal Ball During the night you have a 1-Shot Alignment Cop. 170 Monocoins One
Golden Gun During the night you have a 1-Shot Night Vig. 220 Monocoins One

Monomono Machine

From day two onward the Monomono Machine may be used if the player who is in charge of maintaining it is alive. For a cost of 40(+20 per day after D2) Monocoins up to two players may use it and obtain random prizes.

The Student Council

The Student Council has four open positions, each of them are elected throughout d1. During the day each player has a vote for each of the position, but a player can only occupy one position at a time.

If a non-President member dies, then the President can appoint their replacement during the day. If the President dies, then there will be an election between the three other members in private. If all members die, then an emergency election, similar to the one held d1, is held.

The Student Council has a special neighbourhood chat that can be used 24/7, and each of them has two special actions/passives that appear in addition to their rolecard.

Student Council President :fleur_de_lis:

  • If a member of the Student Council dies, then they can appoint their successor directly. If the Student Counci President dies, then an election will be held between the surviving Student Council members.
  • Once per match they may choose to publicly execute another member of the Student Council. This power has one use per President.

Student Council Treasurer :trident:

  • Will have a x2 Monocoin passive nightly generation and any time they receive extra Monocoin the bonus will be boosted by 50%.
  • May decide to ban a player from using the School Store overnight each cycle. The ban will take place during the coming day.

Student Council Historian :name_badge:

  • Depending on their alignment, either the Hope Counter or the Despair Counter will raise by an additional 1 at the end of the day.
  • Their Hope List and Despair List both will be automatic and always be accurate, as in for the purpose of their actions it will depend on alignment rather than read.

Student Council Secretary :beginner:

  • Votes count for x2 in Nonstop Debates, Scrum Debates, and Argument Armaments. Cannot stack with other vote-gaining passives.
  • Able to grant clemency to a player, they won’t be able to be the targets of a Scrum Debate or Argument Armament.


Executions will occur during the day phase. There will be three forms of executions per day starting from the second day. Nonstop Debates, Scrum Debates, and Argument Armaments. Additionally, once the player count drops to 7 or less living players then Scrum Debates and Argument Armaments will be turned off, while all vote-alterning abilities such as rand prioritizers and multi-voting will be disabled.

A) Nonstop Debates

Nonstop Debates will work on plurality. At the end of the day the player with the highest number of votes will be lynched. If there is a tie for the highest, then the lynch will be randed between the tied players. There will be a lynch via a Nonstop Debate in the first day.

B) Scrum Debates

Scrum Debates will work on plurality. At the start of every day from the second day a random player in the match will be put to trial in a Scrum Debate. In this debate, four players who have them in their Despair List and four other players who have them in their Hope List will argue over their case. A player that is being debated on here cannot be voted to an execution via Nonstop Debates, and during the day the eight players on the debate will be able to vote either Is the Culprit or Not the Culprit and decide the debated player’s fate. In the case of a tie, a rand will occur.

C) Argument Armament

Argument Armament will work on plurality. At the start of every day from the second day, one of seven players with the highest number of listings in the Despair List of other players will be put to trial via an Argument Armament. Any other player may decide to gladiate this player by posting /This is a contradiction! as long as they aren’t the target of a Scrum Debate. Neither of the players in the gladiate may be voted in the Nonstop Debates, but all other players will be able to vote in either player in an Argument Armament alongside with their vote on a player via a Nonstop Debate.

Night Phase - Night Action and Feedback

There will only be feedback for night actions for investigative actions. Please submit your night actions in your role card to take effect.

Role List

This is a closed setup, ergo there are is not a class list, except everyone gains a role card and its matching flavor. in order for the game to not be flavor-broken, then any character may be a member of either the town or mafia, but be warned that there are links between character flavor and the role’s actions.

There is a fair caveat here that there will be heavy anti-slanking and anti-claiming, including partial claim, mechanics. Hard claim or slank at your own peril.

There are no third parties, no conversions, and no form of bastard mechanics included, and no form of dead interaction, and there may or may not be lost wolves, there are no Tailors nor Framers, but there are Godfathers and Millers.

All role cards will be characters from the games Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony.

How the Claim Vig works.

The Forces of Despair begin with the Anti-Claimer V2. The requirements for the Anti-Claimer V2 to work is that the member of the Forces of Hope needs to only claim one of the four actions/passives in their role card, and this shot will be both unstoppable and during the day.

Once the member of the Forces of Despair that has the Anti-Claimer V2 dies, it will be downgraded to the Anti-Claimer V1. For the Anti-Claimer V1 to work the member of the Forces of Hope needs to claim at least three of their four actions/passives in their role card, and this shot can be stopped and is used during the night, but it remaisn unassigned.

However, there are players who are aligned with the Forces of Hope that have an innate passive to be immune to anti-claim mechanics, and there is the Emperor’s Thong item that makes its purchaser immune to anti-claim mechanics as well. If the Forces of Despair attempts to anti-claim an immune claimer, they will know that the claimer is immune and they will still be able to use their anti-claim on another target today.


To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want.

The game will roll on November 16th, 8:00 PM EST if at least 30 slots fill.


  1. PoisonedSqud
  2. Lastday3312
  3. Firekitten
  4. orangeandblack5
  5. Iciblaus
  6. DatBird
  7. MaximusPrime
  8. Shurian
  9. WazzaAzza
  10. Jgoesgaming
  11. Arete
  12. Luxy
  13. PokemonKidRyan
  14. KyoDaz
  15. Blizer
  16. Marshall
  17. H_Hja
  18. Vulgard
  19. Hippolytus
  20. Pilica
  21. Centuries
  22. SetToBlow
  23. SirDerpsAlot
  24. Kai_5
  25. TrustworthyLiberal
  26. Chaingsmokers
  27. Universal
  28. Ryast
  29. Astand
  30. Soulshade55r
  31. BlueStorm
  32. Nuclear_Rehab


  1. Magnus
  2. Simon
  3. ZoneQ11



Is there anything in the game that could lead to the mod giving out incorrect information whatsoever?
I’m looking at Godfathers/Framers/etc

There will be Godfathers and Millers, but no Framers or Tailors.

Will the kill type information be revealed upon flip?

/Insta In!


specs informed or no?

either way /spectate

Uninformed. We had a very… frustrating experience with informed specs roughly a year ago and because of that nobody on this site does informed specs anymore.


unclear body

Informed specs can work…
If you don’t add them to rolecards

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Yep. Ritual Mafia 1. Blame Memesky.

Memesky GOAT
But I’m probably not joining since larger games stress me tf out

not worth the risk.

unless a game is meant to be watched informed specs aren’t needed


i would like to join this, but i simply do not have strong enough reads to do a nightly readlist of the full playerlist, even if it were 15 people, let alone 30

can someone update me on what happened?

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i will hate memesky until he has proven he’s changed

memesky got info from specs

which is a huge no no even in the org community

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When does this start + you fine with hosting two big games?

It’s optional. You may focus on a group of 5ish players you scumread and 5 others you townread.

I ironically say Memesky goat
Him staying lowkey at most is proof enough that he changed

Read op