[FM] Clown Fiesta Mafia - N7 - Scumciety and Dr. Bright win!


  • Moderator 》@Geyde and @eevee . Send all actions to us.
  • Respect 》Don’t be a dick. If you are going to rage, try to do it in your role pm instead of in thread. If you don’t know what’s in boundaries then ask the mod.
  • Quoting 》Don’t quote any messages from outside of the main thread (moderator messages, neighborhood chats, etc).
  • Spam 》Try to limit spam and excessive fluffposting in thread.
  • Angleshooting 》Avoid this at all costs. If an action by the mod or something OOG would cause an assumption on a player’s alignment, please inform the mod.
  • Weaponizing Mod 》This is extremely punishable.

This is a meme game, but rules still apply.


  • Cycles 》Days are 48 hours and Nights are 24 hours. If all players post to skip the night in their role pms, I will skip the night.
  • Lynch 》Lynches are majority + plurality. There is a d1 lynch.
  • Voting 》When voting please ping the mod. Otherwise I am likely to miss it.
  • Powers/Roles 》This game is a closed game with numerous elements that may lie to you.
  • Factions 》Society, Gamers, Third Party
  • Anti-Claim 》There is a claimvig. It is not aligned with town.
  • Flavor 》Flavor is NAI.
  • Spells 》Certain roles may cast spells. The effect of said spell is announced in thread. This effect only applies to HS and HS related flavors.


  1. MaximusPrime Saronite Chain Gang
  2. Magnus SCP-682
  3. DatbirdStorm Archmage Antonidas
  4. Luxy
  5. Simon Kripp
  6. DatBird
  7. Nerbins Giorno Giovanna
  8. Datbirdbalus SCP-2521
  9. Hippolytus Mysterious Challenger
  10. Hjasik Kakyoin
  11. Universal Joker
  12. Sulit Ben Brode
  13. BenShapiro Saronite Chain Gang
  14. Astand Drakonid Operative
  16. Kai_5 Speedwagon
  17. KyoDaz Geydebot
  18. JaketheWolfie PokemonKidRyan M Bison
  19. Boss110 Shudderwock
  20. GamerPoke Evil_Ginger
  21. SirDerpsALot Dr. Bright


  1. PKR
  2. Andrej
  3. EvilGinger


  1. Napoleon

D2 Starts
D3 Starts


It is still N0. Do not post.

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To our honored guest,

Your host, the great magus Medivh, invites you back to party down - with me!
Join us for music, magic, and just a bit of mayhem!

A week later

The party is a bit less lively than you’d expect. Most glaringly obvious, the rooms are just a bit out of order. A bit disheveled per se.
No matter! Surely there is someone who can explain this apparent lack of festivities!


The current setting effect is The Parlor. All spells cast this cycle will be amped up in effect.

However, any scum factions will have the performer of the factional kill gain godfather status for the night.
Any scum factions will gain one piece of mechanical info regarding the game.

It is now Day 1. Majority for lynch is 11 votes.





Rest of ping list


i hardclaim omnimiller.

by this you mean they show as town to investigations and thats it right?
dont really know FM terms that much

i also have a N0 random town check

N0 Cop Check Omnimiller, claim vig where you at

And don’t forget @Geyde, the Host!

/Vote BenShapiro
Here is my instant wall post:

ben shapiro returned town n0 so

/vote Magnus

boom bye scum

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Never forget

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Oh no, you caught me. I’m SCP-682.

Br0ther Jh0n, l3t us n0t 3ngadg3 in such tribal acti0ns such as that.


i am a n0 cop check omnimiler

ben shapiro returned town.

magnus is lock scum

do you have a post restriction?

mayb3 i d0, mayb3 i d0nt.

Or you’re protecting him as fellow scum.
In any case, let us Keep calm and /Vote Universal