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[FM] Camelot Class Cards


@Marluxion Added a new class


Define to little, cause im Probally not affected by this


Slight contradiction


You just read that one wrong. The ability they give is one use hence “this ability” while the Minstrel’s empower is infinite.


Yeah sorry. Was gonna think like 50 posts on a longer day, 25 posts on a shorter one.


What really?

That little?


Yes that little.


Its a strategic ability. Do it like on a super short day to catch alot of people


Except me lul


U could be sleeping :wink:


What’s a thing called sleep?


When I douse you with water gun repeatedly




@Marluxion added quite a few new classes from your last check-in


I’ll read em now




Why would someone ever use Offset when they could use Nature’s Healing?


Multiple things can bleed/poison same day. Some things might be one night so they offset it and do something else :thinking:


Or they can just delay a heal till end game giving them basically 2 free nights


oh god
ici mechanics