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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


Same shit happened in Short Fuse II. I repeatedly said that Maxi and Hja were scum and nobody listened to me.


That’s uber unfortunate, and I think is more related to activity than anything else.


Overall your reads were pretty on point here.


I have found flies with honey works better :slight_smile: See short fuse or any of my scum games on Mafiascum.


Passives are overall more useful the longer the game goes, save for the one-shot abilities, and there aren’t as many of those.


also, passives tend to be more generally useful, regardless of your scenario, whereas the other abilties, while perhaps being powerful, can easily be not useful if you arent in the right scenario to use them


Also thought the power level of passives was higher.


Mafia played a great game, especially Solic getting away causing 2 (and nearly a 3rd) mislynches and having no sus on him.

Hes definately mafia MVP.


Yeah he reminds me of you when you started too.


Don’t forget dayvigging Sam.


If you had done something sooner, I would have totally turned that on Blue though. /shrug


I didnt know about that cuz i never read the thread lol