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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


I honestly just completely accidentally do really scummy things every now and then.


I really wish I had a better situation irl at the daycheck, the way I were atm made it impossible for me to defend myself in any base


I did that then ended up with 18 tokens which I put on one bid.


I have some things to say:

I apologize to everyone in this game for me being Toxic. @Geyde especially, I started a pointless argument with Geyde which was very stupid off me to do and I even insulted him for no reason, Psycho can confirm this that I was a dick to him.

I apologize to almost all town for doing the most stupid thing of pushing on Hjasik for no reason. I did this because I felt like he was scum from my gut.

I’m sorry if I offended any of you. Thank you. - Aaron.

Also thank you Psycho for a fun game.


I think some level of emotion comes with the territory of these games.

Good Game!


being a nice guy in mafia is near impossible
change my mind


nic name




Nice guy except to the people who he is tunneling


I need to stop offending people


Can I just retire from FM as a mafia scumteam champion?




I think the tokens mechanic here snowball whoever gets ahead early. Not a critique, just an observation.


Damnit. :triumph:


Insert pointed reference towards capitalism here


Btw Id like to know why everyone went for passive as starting gift? I thought people would value active abilities more early game


Also, mafia hammer and solics gladiate came at the same exact minute with only a few seconds in between


I had to put both posts next to each other and see which timestamp changed first to see what was used first


Lol most everyone went for a passive? I think the title “VIP Pass” is just attracting and there are some great ones although some stinkers as well; I ended up with the latter.


God dammit.