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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


@psychoneirik I believe this version of the mode is almost perfectly balanced.


It could use plurality in my opinion.


Eh, sure.


Ah, I thought the special token attack was a night ability. I should have put my tokens on the raffle. With my passive I would have had a decent shot.


My time with unseen chat was fascinating at that time, it saddens me that teamwork went to waste.

I would LOVE to have rehost happening


yes I took my chances and made bluestorm target simon


sadly bluestorm wasn’t the fac kill


Hey, you stopped me from resurrecting Mercenary

The plan was to res Merc and then make them unlynchable to waste time


that’s op


Alice we needed you. :cry:


As someone who played 80% of this on mobile I hated the atm race events


I chilled so cold at this moment because half of mafia was just outed at their first post


Their read there made me think that scumteam was going to lose


But nobody followed through on it


I’m reminded of my old self by Squid…


fucking yes


Btw @solic the scumreading you part was made that even if I failed to mislynch you, to increase my towncred since until that point I just sheeped your opinions :’^}


tbf im pretty sure i would have asked that even if i was town


I won’t be so easy on you next game. :eyes: