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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


He’s usually able to tell if a major wagon will flip town


Also I think they correctly called Solic v Hippo a TvT


Psycho, I knew you were going to make an event announcement, because everytime I saw you typing I had pretyped the /claim and was waiting to press enter.


Prewriting is a valuable asset


Y’damn right it is


Hjaisk can become a town leader. Isaac idk about.



It’s scary how much I’m reminded of my old self by hjaisk


Oh god why another bastard game in the queue


I still have the activity peev against hja


Because Celeste

That’s why


If they dropped that I would really enjoy playing with them


@Solic do bastard games have to be approved

I don’t think they would


That’s more a question for Eevee.


What’s the review process for starting a game? If I had my own new idea


Basically ask @eevee about it in the discord and one of the mods can review it


Why did I ping


Ok. I still have to finish developing it first which will probably take a couple weeks.


We’re in a bit of tumultuous time at the moment, because of a shift in leadership, but Eevee is the designated person for that currently.


Also @Solic I think we should rehost EFoL 2