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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


We aren’t holding another title game for a bit


Eh, asking for them just kind of ruins the point.

At least FK and Orange earned theirs.


I’m going to try to get a 9v2 mountainous with it


Also Psycho is an amazing host


The only things I did was have flavor (and a few VCs)


Oh for sure. First game I was in was RM2, people were like “why did you make this complex thing your first game” but absolutely no regretti at all.


And I modslipped that Sam killed Nerbins


For sure. I had a blast with this game even though I was really bad in it.


Sam’s DN was from MW2
The flavor gif was also from MW2


Meanwhile, for the time Merc was alive, we had City Mafia DNs


Which was p funny


At least I wasn’t the only one killing town. :smile:


It still annoys me that Isaac tied me for that PGO redirect.


Also Isaac was planning to redirect Blue into Teenier on the night Blue was trying to revive Merc


I sadly had to enforce the no redirecting into dead players rule


Isaac was definitely the highlight of the game for me. He was the only person I was completely incapable of reading.



That would’ve been mega plays there


I think he did it by complete accident


Here’s the thing

Isaac and Hjasik meme a lot and don’t have exactly the charisma in their posts to be town leaders

But sometimes they can pull points or actions out of their arse that nobody expects


Hja has lowkey extremely good reads