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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


if i die n1 something is seriously wrong


Also I need to stop metareading whenever I play.

It plays too much of a factor in my reads, and I don’t get punished for it.



We could do it anyways so you do improve


I’d say Wazza could become a TL if they straightened up their read game.


I need to spend more time reading the backlog when I’m here. To be honest I’m sort of confident I could have correctly read a scum member day 2 or 3 had I spent more time doing that and evaluating who was really pushing for the early lynches.


They lowkey are a pretty good influencer


You know how to ISO, right?


Why am I not surpised the scumchat has more posts than they do in here.


Because teamwork makes the dream work.


Kind of. I could be better though


Like click on a player’s icon and then click posts in thread



This helps with backreading a shitton


Yeah I know that. For me generally though I find it more effective to evaluate interactions between multiple players close to lynch.


Changr your bio to “Bark.” or you die first


Start of day and EoD are typically very pivotal points.


Oh alright.

This is why I wish we had multi-ISO


Not sure if my title (if/when I get one) should be related to my terrible town plays or my mechanical prowess


That sounds like a great idea. I’d love to have access to 2 or 3 player ISO.


we can just ask squid, right?