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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


Can I see scumchat?


Thanks. I just feel bad that 6 townies died before we really learned anything.


Also kitten, if Hippo actually started doing something before 1 hour before EoD. Blue would have gone day 2.


I mean

That’s kind of the point


That’s usually what happens.

Mafia don’t typically get found early on


He did, he showed pure emotion that could have only come from a town.


Okay, got it


I’ll add you.

There I let someone else do it for me :^)


It’s clear it was between them for at least me day 2.


Yeah, I definitely learned that the hard way. That will never happen again


I think Mafia could have done with a bit more powerwolfing


So what you’re saying is

Solic needs a crash course in soulreading


Tunnels blind everyone once in a while, just don’t tunnel someone like that and ignore how they are acting. It was obvious they were town but you couldn’t see that due to you thinking they are scum.


But overall they played fine.


So we’d be stuck on no lynch. Blame Hippo, not me.


That’s why you shouod backread people who died

(cough me cough)


no he needs a crash course on when to tunnel


I’m not blaming hippo when he was obv town


Reminder that Solic was the “Deathtunnel” in our “Level 0 Deathtunnel”.


Or maybe we can stop talking about how I need to improve. :roll_eyes:

I didn’t see many townies trying to take over for me.