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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


By the way, who did you think you could have mislynched the day before the game ended.


This was my OG ability:

:shield: Half of your non-winning bids will be refunded at the end of the day (rounded down).


I believe it was Solic (?)


Probably the best in that scenario
If you got that mislgnch town wouldn’t have stood a chance


It would’ve been Wazza through mechanics from Simon’s ability


honestly this is really hard to balance

what is only like half the number of town and maf got starting gifts

cause this can easily snowball either way and often comes down to reads


So not a mislynch, but a mechanical lynch


It seemed to me like you were going to try to get solic


That’s who I would’ve ended up pushing on D2

But Solic was loud and proud about Hippo


Yeah I didn’t get the hippo push tbh


Meteoro had this?


Yes they did.


One of us did, at least. Can’t remember who.


I was probably the worst this game at getting abilities and being useful in the night phase


Having a good nightphase isn’t that necessary.

solution is to be useful during the day phase


It’s one of your first games. You played fine. You just don’t have a feel yet for what abilities to prioritize yet. That will come with time.


And don’t quote from your classcard again. It confirms your results publicly, so noone can fight them.


You wanna fight me over this?


I will