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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


In FoL and other modes it shouldn’t be that much of a problem


who was maf besides merc?




me, blue, meteoro


I’m able to be online relatively frequently; it just happened the day phase today took place during a period of several hours that I was asleep. Maybe I can work towards fixing that by keeping a log of when the day period starts each day and when it is expected to run to. I have data now so I won’t be hindered while commuting or at school.


figured something was off about meteoro


Also @WazzaAzza you were right on them being scum but I would have explained it to them anyways, if they were town they would have been confused

also makes people who just look into the thread know what’s going on


also why would maf kill me n1 and not the other “town leaders”

was it only bc of the merc read??


If this is an issue you could ask the host to ping you whenever day starts


Or maybe I’m misinterpreting

Yep I am


That would help me as i get an email whenever I’m pinged


you can only queue abilities, not votes


/nightvote Psycho


Easy. The town leaders didn’t have right reads therefore would have caused a mislynch. Why bother mislynching when you can get a town player to do it for you.

idk if I was right in this guess


I’m fairly sure this is the case, but I’ll check to make sure.


I just took a wild guess lol



i never thought that i woukd be a n1 kill but ok

honestly my whole strat was based off of not being a high priority target

took credit card + low gambles on multiple abilities and was smart about my tokens to gain 3 abilities, would’ve gamesolved d3/d4


also, Im not sure if I wrote it in the op or not but Ive been letting people queue abilities since my first game here. And even if you queued your ability first blue would have won since you would be dead and not able to vote.


The Merc read did go some way towards it, yeah

Plus Solic seemed kinda friendly toward me and was pushing a mislynch


I took VIP Pass

Rerolled it through the Pawn Shop to get the death ability usage