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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!

  • No Contest
  • Mafia Victory

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If this is the case, I’d just “queue” up.

my /claim

or /I wish for chaos

I lurked at my screen for ages for those.


Modkill ends up in no contest at least to town


Also,you were quicker than us with the gladiate,only if Simon was here before…


The point here is if the modkill changed the outcome of the game.


this is a good bias poll


I really don’t feel like arguing tbh


I would say no tbh


I see no town victory either, but meeh.


those were events that happened randomly tho. night ending is defined.
so you can say that at that specific time i will do this ability. but if you dont know when you cant.


I had no abilities besides a useless 2-day poison and 1 investigative ability. There’s not much I could have done


you would have been a surviving town


I could queue up 1000000 of those to bypass it and get it at almost discrete intervals.


I would have but basically a useless one since I was asleep during the whole day phase


point being that daystart is a defined point that you can set.
also in this case it would just be whoever happened to be around at daystart wins. which i think is bs, personally


Isn’t queue for day abilities


Hippo can stop with starting to defend himself 1 hour before EoD. :roll_eyes:


did no one backread me


Solic if you weren’t blind in your death tunnel you could see he was town. I would have death tunneled you for tunneling on obv town hippo


That’s unfortunate.

With games like these where day actions are present in spades, being unable to be online frequently is a serious bane.