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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


I do have to quote this again.


:shield: You will be able to keep using your abilities for 1 day after you die. You cannot pay tokens to use multiple abilities this way. (If you are mafia, you cannot perform the factional kill this way)


Also couldn’t solic use heal on waz instead after max was modkilled




He didn’t tho


After dying the game would end in a town victory.


even though you killed blue blue would kill you.
at best thats a draw with everyone dead


Btw,did you realize you had the PGO redirect?


2 mafia left
blue dies at night
1 mafia left


No, it’s not, because the game would end with all mafia dead.


He healed me I believe with a one use ability that healed both of us and then I was modkilled after


I didn’t have it. Isaac had it.


Wasted my fake feedback ability then


I vote + use my majority count lower ability to kill Meteoro during the day. Either faction could have won.


Geyde I pre in if your scp thing is next


at day start it would be you and meteoro.
psycho says blue’s ability would have priority, but if that werent the case they would happen simultaneously, blue killing you and you killling met.
thus, a draw


It is still under review.


You die to blue before voting me


The OP mentions nothing about this “queuing” of day abilities.