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[FM] Auction Mafia - Mafia wins!


No, because my vote + ability would get Blue lynched.


because meteoro to you


and meteoro


But I was also mafi


He attacked blue


Eh I mean Meteoro lynched. I killed Blue with my night action.


Would have been better with solic as you then can mislynch hippo but gj


It would be 1v1 and solic lynches


which night action exactly?


I got the knight CS.


Does mafia win upon parity


I argued a bit with Psycho on this, but that was their decision.


I would kill wazza,blue instakilled you at soD


I couldn’t use it, because I had to heal Maxwell. :roll_eyes:


Blue has a passive to use abilities after death.


I didn’t play well, but I think this was called too quickly. GG everyone.


Not if solic does it first


blue would still have killed you


Sorry i made you waste that solic, that golden ability was trash TBH


no, after dying blue would kill him