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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


Like, you do realise that if the wolves are focused just on killing the PRs that’s a bad thing, right?


He is already tunneling this setup


If we worried about good players dying make it arsonist mountainous


top 10 ideas that sound bad but are actually god-tier




SK mountainous every mafia makes one kill


If you’re looking for a title game, Mountainous is the best option. It may be slightly wolfsided BUT it promotes good reads among villagers and the very core of what it means to be a wolf among wolves.

That’s ideal for title games, and if you’re worried about SPKs just run it as Mountainous Arson- then the wolves can’t kill the strong players immediately and they have plenty of time.


No MVP has reached critical votes, so no title will be awarded for this game.


also let’s actually make people good and not rely on PR roles


The competitive queue is empty again, so you are both free to host something as you wish.


Firekitten, wanna cohost Mountainous Arson? I could use some VC help.




how many players by the way


Do you think the site has enough people for a 15’er?


For mountainous, probably not but worth a shot


we could always lower the player count to another fixed amount if not



@PoisonedSquid we want a title game how does that work


hey noobs


We could do a 2v9 11’er, I guess, although 2 man wolfteams are painful


let’s see how many people we can get