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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


Not if there is doctor or jailkeeper


Rng lynch in town favor and jailkeeper /Doctor prevents kill and town is winning again


scum should just win when they reach parity


Basically scum has parity = they nolynch infinitely until they can successfully kill.

It’s the idea that town has lost majority and as such will not be able to vote up the informed minority.


We just autoresolve since convenience


If ties are breaked by rng there is chance that scum is lynched in parity


Scum vote nolynch twice, therefore preventing a lynch from occurring.


They don’t have majority to vote no lynch


No lynch is an interesting case since when there are not enough available players to vote anything else (i.e 3 players vote nolynch w/ 6p alive) it should be taken as priority in that instance.


These pending results make me decide not to organize a reroll of this.


Ties are breaked by rng so it’s 50 50



I miss your votes for possible MVP. No MVP is an option (and a leading one at that lul).


Mission accomplished


Wait. Where’s the mafia win con in the Op?


Doesn’t exist there.

Just assumed.


That means that town / maf can win with eachother


Previous incarnation didn’t have it either. It’s assumed prior knowledge. It doesn’t have a section describing how to perform an action or something either…


@solic your reasoning is literal BS and you’re just being pushy about the fact you don’t like a setup when it’s literally as skill-based as it gets
if you’re SPK’d in mountainous, you’re doing it right.


Then you host it Ici.


Ici it’s no use, I was going to argue against him then realized I can’t change his mind