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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


Guilty till proven innocent


I have more than 10 post day 1 usually


I rest my case


Also I try to win every game


Only few times that happened


and I tried


Also innocent till proven guilty


In a bit, sure


Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to have Cult of the Jungle Republic as a title game


I don’t think we will be able to get that to fill unfortunately :frowning:


eyyy nice so my tactics did sorta make them think i was a pr


I also don’t understand this point actually. It’s either town’s bad play that results in RNG occurring or scum’s smart play to at least win more of a chance to get the right lynch. Tying a vote should be less powerful than overthrowing a vote as scum.


As I said, you’re free to run mountainous if you’d like, if a potential reroll doesn’t occur/fill.


Rng can often lead to games combusting, taking the game out of player’s hands.

It’s just poor form.


Standardizing would just be the optimal choice. Something like Fk suggested about whoever reaches that vote value first.


You don’t take the game out of player’s hands if it’s announced before exactly how these cases are handled.

Controlled RNG isn’t bad RNG.


It’s game breaking rng at times.

It may be controlled but it is far too swingy.


If scum gets parity it will be rng ?


When scum get parity they auto-win


If scum gets parity they could just not vote and nightkill, so it is an automatic win.