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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


I got severe all-stars Mountainous flashbacks with this game by the way. :smile:


Isn’t C1 just balanced setup with 6 villages cop 3 mafia but with one less mafia




I saw it coming with the actions lined up and enforced plurality to be honest.


Plurality should only be used D1 imo and majority after that


Fixed cycle length keeps it easy for me to host.


Majority but don’t flip it until a certain time?


That’s basically plurality but now everybody needs to be on the same page to cause a lynch.

I’d like to keep it this way.


technically not

it’s majority but days don’t end till a certain time. For example

In a game I www in recently, this is what happened when we reached majority

A lynch lock!
Phase change will up sometime soon. I still need my zzzz

You may talk in the meantime


It’s worth pursuing. I’d only do those at every 12 hour interval though or it still wouldn’t work.


Annoying part of the game is when they didn’t tell us that was a mechanic :frowning:


Quick hammer exists


It still would. Set eod two days. Don’t flip until 2 days.


But being in “twilight” for so long without meaningful votes anymore just seems unfun. 12 hour periods are at least not too long and maintain the cycle length manageable.


I think it’s more important whether something will be ran at all, since so far I got all on MVP now and only no MVP votes. :smile:


tbh hippo is the real mvp here


They should be able to do both, at the very least when there is only one left but probably just all the time :man_shrugging:


Also @Geyde @H_Hjasik can you two get more visually different profile pics please


/vote Isaac MVP


In your classcard. :eyes: