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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


Mafia trying to find out who PR is


Title games are already kinda weighted in favor of players who don’t die early.
And look at setups like Dustpan where a good town d1 was properly recognized.


And I was alive for pretty long there even tho I was town leader


Fair enough.

That is not essential to maf though. It just makes their game needlessly harder.


If you vote no on the reroll, please send your vote for MVP in your classcard.


Will you allow no mvp


Cop/Doc9 even with scum roleblocker is horrifyingly townsided


If you want mafia deduction just add lost wolf


I will allow no MVP as a vote, but will personally not vote for it, since I feel that is a cop-out to having it as a prize.


Geyde who did you heal N1



I expected them to go for Maxi at first tbh


Even tho I asked for town protectives :angry:


That’s precisely why I didn’t think I should have protected you. Because you called it out, and then scum would have had to judge the WIFOM


This potential reroll might put some players that wish to rejoin as backup due to activity concerns.

I had to prod 4 people day 1


Give them LVP


That means that you change their title to “noob”


However tempting that is, that’d be mod abuse. :wink:


Fk and Orange won because they killed both PRs incredibly early. That was optimal play on their part and had cop gotten off one more check then yikes.

It’s the fact that this setup forces maf to jump through three gigantic hoops in order to actually pull off a win.

Imagine if we lynched cop d1. Worst case scenario there.

We still would have had ANOTHER PR.


MS setups ree


Had Simon not gotten a red check today, you would have forced him to out since at least 3 players told me in their classcard he was scum 100%. Wazza being inactive didn’t allow mafia to read you as doctor unfortunately.

It’s not like mafia tried really hard to find PR’s this game either or tried to save Magnus day 1.

Geyde, this is the standard on another site and I’m sticking with it.

And two PR’s are not guaranteed here either. Mafia have tools to either shut them down or find them quicker if they do.