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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


How exactly?


Awake because vote for no MVP for this townsided slog





tbf you did good

i thought hj might’ve been pr as well


cuz ik when to go to sleep



I just got home.


i just realized that i was right on my initial read of u tho damnit



2am :eyes:


changes name to nobody

ok actuslly gn now cyas


It’s 25:01 here


I have completely forgotten how time works.


I share the sentiment that this is too anticlimatic for a title game. I’d like to reroll this with only alteration that mafia members can perform both factional kill and action at the same time.

  • Reroll
  • MVP now plox

0 voters


New setup


Solic give us all title for making us suffer in unbalanced setup


Or riot


I will not host mountainous as a title game for four reasons:

“Good” players will get killed off early or be scum for that giving them less of a chance to gain a title.

Power Roles are inherently always present on this site, so completely removing that aspect of social deduction is a disservice to holding a title on this site. Things like cop cover were actually present in this game as Ici was thrown off by Maxi softing it.

Mafia does not need to apply social deduction anymore.

It requires more players and competitive games are harder to fill.

This is not negotiable.

You can host mountainous if this possible reroll doesn’t fill and try and convince Squid/Eevee to make it a title game, but my final answer is no on that.


Also before complaining about the setup, maybe don’t take a game where the mafia goon gets found day 1 without it being a bus and the mafia haven’t discerned any power roles. Ici’s guesses were Maxi and Hjasik (neither were PR’s), so even if I made the occupy be able to be used alongside the kill, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of this game.


If PR isn’t killed n1, scum are basically fighting a huge uphill battle.
A losing one at that since any of the invest setups can just allow Town to break setup mechanically
Also PRs are essentially ICs in that counterclaim is suicide for scum


Since they are almost IC at same time


This here actually threw me off. What is it trying to get across?