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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


you raging over my inactivity


not intended but I’ll take every chance I get to rage at your inactivity


we all know I am best scum player in this forum


I have idea solic gives everyone in this game a title


Doesn’t even need to post to push agendas


For making us suffer playing unbalanced setup


Town agendas :^)




This is less balanced than town of Salem classic




You are unfortunately completely right tbh


Literally just getting two solid TRs + PR outs locks the game down on d2


that’s… that’s exactly would scum has to do tho

so like

uhh press x to doubt either way town wins anyway


It’s over

Solemn Doots :trumpet:


real town would prolly not be as aggressive tbh


wow it just so happens that geyde is ths doc claim

tbf claiming doc early wasn’t a good idea geyde

oh well


Ichy Ballus conceded


ah. there it is


rip lol

anyway i have you beat in both mentally and meme wise so give up


on mobile data rn

why u awak at 2 am anyway