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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes



My friendship with Mountainous has ended. Arson Mountainous is now my best friend.


hOw AbOuT a ShOrT fUsE tItLe GaMe???




SF3 was super townsided btw


4 misdets at best (with one det on Mafia going off it becomes 6 bleh) and town has a grace period to resolve TvTs early.


I am genuinely struggling to see who actually deserves a title from this game




Or we as a community decide to play a balanced setup like Mountainous

Then make that the title game :slight_smile:


9v2 cause according to orange, that’s the balanced one

Even though I think that’s 4 mislynches and 3 kills






4 mislynches is completely doable for a maf team that has enough WiM


That could also work, but activity is an issue


/vote no MVP


/vote no MVP


Make mountainous title game




/vote no MVP


@Icibalus help us prevent anyone from getting MVP


Two month breaks at least between short fuse games. I think it’ll get stale p quickly