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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


Oh heck this setup is beyond villagesided at a fundamental level.


They fell into a newbie trap of white knighting a suspicious player for bad reasons.


Or Mountainous.


Or MoUnTaInOuS aRsOn


What’s that?


Mountainous but the wolf factional kill is a day douse with a 3-shot night ignite
it’s basically mountainous but designed to give the villagers even less info


Agree wholeheartedly.

Although we should all vote Isaac for MVP for memes


Because the reason why wolves always get stomped on this site is because people aren’t good wolves, not because people are good villagers.

Mountainous Arson would bridge that gap as it gives the wolves a fair advantage, forcing villagers out of their comfort zone.


Where has the setup been run?

I’d like to take a look at it :eyes:


Again totally agree.


it was run on MU, origiinally as a meme, but it turned out to be extremely fun despite expectations
lemee get the link


Wolves only win here when:

  • Carried by extremely good player (Fk/etc)
  • Town self destructs by their own volition
  • Hippo rolls scum :^)


But some games prove alternatives to be true. I’d say games like Auction Maf go to show that wolves on this site can actually get their own footing w/o a carry

it also features possibly the greatest flavor text I’ve seen in a mafia game


Scum is best alignment CMV


like not as good overall as starship enphiron
but ONE particular flavor is just god-tier


I’m reading the first few posts and am already interested :slight_smile:



Shoot Icibalus



Also @Solic @PoisonedSquid having tied votes result in RNG lynch in a comp setting probably is a bad idea


I’ll be here shortly (like 90 minutes) to comment, but I’ll take that as Ici officially conceding.